Vermont high school football: Players to watch in 2020

Alex Abrami
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Continuing an annual tradition, here is the list of Vermont high school football players to watch during the 7-on-7, one-hand touch season (as collected through conversations and emails with the state’s coaches).

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(Editor’s note: Listed in alphabetical order)

BFA-Fairfax/Lamoille: Shaun Gibson, offense/defense, sophomore; Ryan Goodman, offense, junior; Cooper Harvey, offense/defense, sophomore; William Mlcuch, QB, senior; Jaxon Schaarschmidt, offense/defense, senior; Kenny Salls, offense/defense, junior.

Bellows Falls: Jack Burke, offense, senior; Harrison Gleim, offense, junior; Max Hooke, offense, junior; Dominic Kendall, offense, senior; Grady Lockerby, QB, senior; Logan Lisai, offense, senior; Jeb Monier, offense, junior; Jon Terry, QB/offense, junior.

BFA-St. Albans: Case Ballard, offense, senior; Parker Horton, defense, senior; Andrew Koval, offense, senior; Cole Langlois, defense, junior; Tom Remillard, defense, senior; Jake Reynolds, QB, senior; Avery Smith, defense, junior; Cole Woodland, offense, sophomore.

Burlington-South Burlington: Cam Benoit, offense/defense, junior; Matt Campbell, offense/defense, senior; Bassiru Diawara, QB, senior; Alec LeClair, offense/defense, sophomore; Ben Leonard, offense/defense, junior; Tayshon Metz, offense/defense, sophomore. 

Brattleboro: Gavin Howard, offense/defense, senior; Elijah Isham, offense/defense, junior; Spencer Lawrence, offense/defense, senior; Tyler McNary, offense/defense, junior; Aaron Petrie, offense/defense, junior; Henry Thurber, QB/defense, senior; Jordan Warner, offense/defense, senior; Trinley Warren, offense/defense, senior.

Burr and Burton: Will Addington QB/defense, junior; Mark Carthy, offense/defense, senior; John Cowperthwaite, offense/defense, senior; Joe Harrington, offense/defense, senior; Jack Morrison, offense/defense, junior; Nate Smilko, offense/defense, sophomore.

Champlain Valley: Isaac Bergeron, QB/defense, senior; Seth Boffa, offense/defense, senior; Ryan Canty, offense/defense, junior; Max Destito, QB, sophomore; Shane Gorman, offense/defense, senior; Will Murphy, offense/defense, senior.

Colchester: Blake Cardinal, offense/defense, senior; Max Grenier, QB/defense, senior; Caleb Levasseur, offense/defense, sophomore; Jake Ring, offense/defense, senior; Alex Rublee, QB/defense, junior.

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Essex: Sam Bowen, QB/defense, senior; Chris Davis, offense/defense, senior; Ethan Fuller, offense/defense, senior; Tom Hoffman, offense, defense, senior; Nick Payson, offense/defense, senior.

Fair Haven: Kohlby Murray, offense/defense, senior; Zack Ellis, offense/defense, senior; Owen Laughan, offense/defense, senior; Evan Reed, QB/defense, senior; Levi Ryan, offense/defense, senior; Sam Worthing, offense/defense, senior.

Hartford: Jackson Balch, offense/defense, senior; Devin Denk, offense/defense, senior; Jacob Dwinell, offense/defense, senior; Cole Jasmin, QB, senior; Kobe Peach, offense/defense, senior; Devon Sinclair, offense/defense, junior.

Lyndon: Cam Berry, QB/defense, sophomore; Trevor Lussier, offense/defense, junior; Jake Sanville, offense/defense, sophomore; Colby Simpson, offense/defense, sophomore; Austin Wheeler, offense/defense, sophomore.

Middlebury: Zach Bean, QB/defense, senior; Gabe Dunn, offense/defense, senior; Mason Kaufmann, defense, senior; Bode Rubright, offense/defense, seniorSam Warren, offense/defense, junior.

Mill River: Dallas Bryant, offense, junior; Conner Loppicillo, offense, junior; Evan McPhee, QB/defense, senior; Phillip Severy, defense, sophomore; Adam Shum, offense, sophomore; Johnny Verdon, offense, senior.

Milton: Kayden Burke, QB/defense, junior; Brayden Granger, offense/defense, senior; Colin Mathis, offense/defense, junior; Gavin Huntley, offense/defense, senior; Chaz Larivee, offense/defense, junior; Caleb Martin, offense/defense, junior; Noah Young, offense/defense, senior.

Mount Anthony: Hayden Gaudette, offense/defense, junior; Caleb Hay, QB, senior; Gavin Johnson, offense/defense, senior; Adam Matunas, offense/defense, senior; Jack Ware, offense, senior.

Mount Abraham-Vergennes: Quincy Cook, defense, senior; Joey Hemingway, offense/defense, senior; Nate Lavoie, defense, senior; Adam Mansfield, QB, junior; Carmelo Miceli, offense/defense, junior ; Keaton Rayborn, defense, senior.

Mount Mansfield: Maliek Everett, offense/defense, senior; Cooper McLaughlin, offense/defense, senior; Owen Trudeau, QB, senior; Seth Westover, offense/defense, senior; Austin Wilcoxen, offense/defense, senior; Connor Winnay, offense/defense, senior.

North Country: Shawn Fearino, offense/defense, senior; Garrett Heath, offense/defense, junior; Isaiah LaPlume, offense/defense, senior; Kyle Martin, offense/defense, senior; Trevor McAllister, offense/defense, junior; Jack Young, QB/defense, senior.

Otter Valley: Aidan Bleier, offense/defense, senior; Chante Buggiani, offense, senior; Brady Diaz, offense, senior; Dylan Gaboriault, offense, senior; Alex Polli, QB, senior.

Oxbow: Memphis Cahill, offense, senior; Jordan Johnson, QB, senior; Ben Knehr, offense, sophomore; Will Ilsley, defense, sophomore; Chase Lund, defense, sophomore; Nikki Schwarz, defense, sophomore.

Poultney: Levi Allen, offense/defense, senior; Ryan Alt, offense/defense, senior; Jesse Combs, offense/defense, senior; Colby Hutchins, offense/defense, junior; Grant Schreiber, offense/defense, senior.

Rutland: Joe Anderson, offense/defense, senior; Jack Coughlin, offense/defense, junior; Cory Drinwater, offense/defense, senior; Toby Jakubowski, offense/defense, senior; Joe Pratico, offense/defense, senior; Evan Poquette, QB/defense, senior.

St. Johnsbury: Sam Begin, offense/defense, junior; Colby Garey-Wright, QB/defense, junior; Fritz Hauser, offense/defense, senior; Geoffrey Hauver, offense/defense, senior; Jaden Hayes, offense/defense, senior; Zebb Winot, offense/defense, senior.

Spaulding: Aidan Blouin, offense/defense, senior; Grady Chase, offense/defense, junior; Isaiah Terrill, offense/defense, junior; Christian Titus, offense/defense, junior; Ethan Touchette, offense/defense, senior; Andrew Trottier, QB/defense, senior.

Springfield: Tanner Gintof, offense/defense, sophomore; Chris Jeffers, offense/defense, juniorl Sam Presch QB/defense, junior; Logan Roundy, offense/defense, sophomore; Chris Stearns, offense/defense, junior; Luke Stocker, offense/defense, freshman; Riley Ward, offense/defense, junior.

U-32: Henry Beiling, offense, junior; Cameron Comstock, offense/defense, junior; Anthony Concessi, defense, junior; Marshall Donahue, offense, senior; Anthony Englehard, offense/defense, senior; Max Fair, offense/defense, senior; Crosse Gariboldi, offense, sophomore; Charles Haynes, offense, junior; Issac Lamrey, offense, senior; Nathan LaRosa, QB, senior; Taylor Nunnely, defense, junior.

Windsor: Owen Abrahamsen, offense, senior; John Cook, offense, senior; Jackson Davis, defense, senior; Caden Lockwood, defense, senior; Jordan Place, QB, senior.

Woodstock: Colby Eaton, QB, junior; Robbie Macrie, offense/defense, junior; Corey White, offense/defense, junior.

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