Rocky Mountain Motor Sports breaks ground on track near Carstairs

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In that spirit, there will be an emphasis on performance driving schools similar to the one that Doug Hall ran at the Race City Speedway for years.

Hall has been driving on tracks for 30 years. He makes around 10 trips to Edmonton to drive on the track there and has also driven and taught on courses across North America.

Hall will be spending a lot of time at the new track near Carstairs, but emphasized that there are real benefits to having a track and a performance driving school for everyone in the city.

“It’s hard to make safety fun, but this is one activity that really, really nails it,” Hall said. “The people who go through these driving courses, I’m convinced they’re the best drivers on the road. … People who have been driving at a track for a while have been in emergency situations under controlled conditions. They’ve gone into a skid, they’ve had to brake really, really hard. All these things the rest of us don’t have to do, we’ve done it many, many times.”

Plans for the facility go well beyond just having a track for drivers. The $100-million investment, over the next four to five years, will create 200-person years of construction jobs, according to Rocky Mountain Motor Sports, and there will be a 40-hectare commercial development with businesses that cater to the driving and racing community.

Young said there are also long-term discussions with the Calgary Police Service on establishing a new officer driver-training academy as well as conversations to have the facility serve as a testing site for autonomous vehicles.

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