Natalya Neidhart: Some of the greatest setbacks become the greatest blessings

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After the surgery, there wasn’t a lot I could initially do in the gym as I was on crutches for weeks. Then I started to see that it was OK. I didn’t have to do everything, I could just do what I was comfortable with until I was strong enough to move forward. In between going to physical therapy, I would work out every day. I got on a simple diet plan eating healthier foods, smaller portions and eating more frequently throughout the day.

Natalya stands victorious after a hard battle with Lacey Evans. Photo by Submitted Photo /WWE

For the first time in quite a while, I had to slow down and needed to do everything differently. You know that saying, “if you keep doing the same things you’ve always done, you’ll get the same results?” Now I had a huge opportunity with this injury for me to grow stronger and be better so that I could finally make it to WWE. I also ended up losing weight and getting into the best shape of my life. I was so proud of myself and constantly pushed to be better than I ever was before. When I finally got my dream job as a WWE Superstar, I knew I was really ready and there was no obstacle I couldn’t overcome.

You can’t go over it, you can’t go under it, you can’t go around it, you have to go through the hard times. Some of the biggest setbacks for me ended up becoming the greatest blessings in my life. For that, I am truly grateful.

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