Natalya Neidhart: Jann Arden talks second season of her hit show

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Jann and I first connected over our parents struggling with Alzheimer’s. I was always inspired by how she handled her mom’s diagnosis with Alzheimer’s and how she was able to use her mother’s health battle as a way to help others going through the same thing. What I love about Jann is that she is very unselfish, in that she wants others to shine. The way Jann forever puts her mother on a pedestal reminds me of how I feel about my dad, long after each have passed on.

Jann Arden and her mother, Joan. Photo by Jann Arden /Instagram

Jann said: “My mom was the absolute best person on the planet. She was so funny, warm, helpful and cheery. My gosh, the woman was so positive all the time no matter what was going on. One of my fondest memories of her has to be the way she was with all animals. I can’t count how many hundreds of little birds mom saved over the years, wrapping them in towels and giving them a drink and making sure they were warm. I was lucky to be her daughter.”

Jann has honoured her mother throughout her show, as many watched in season one. The show is a comedy that is based loosely on her life, as Jann plays a fictional version of herself, a pop star going through challenges in her personal life. In season one, “Jann” endured such challenges as a breakup with her girlfriend and her mom’s struggle with Alzheimer’s. Jann also showcases a funny professional rivalry she has with her good friend and musician Sarah McLachlan, which has us all wanting to see more of that in season two!

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