Letters, Sept. 24: ‘Council has done nothing but hurt Calgarians’

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Apparently the chain of Middle Eastern events would have just seen this historic peace agreement fall into place even if America had no president? I can’t help but think that President Donald Trump’s decision to locate the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem had a great deal to do with giving others cause to rethink their approach to the State of Israel! Hence, this ‘sudden’ bit of good news.
(Historic stuff.)

Members of the Manson gang testified that after the grisly murder of actress Sharon Tate, they raided the fridge and lingered long enough at the crime scene to enjoy a snack. Likewise in his courtroom testimony, the accused, Terrance Wardale, stated that after killing Paul Hepher during a botched home invasion robbery he dug into his victim’s fridge and sought refreshment in a can of beer (“Fatal shooting during botched robbery accidental, accused says,” Sun, Sept. 22.) True, these are trite details, but they, nonetheless, help showcase the anti-social nature of the killers, in whom empathy was absent.
(Hardly surprising.)

As I have often said, award programs have always been an escape. Now they are almost always an invitation for hosts and winners to make political statements. Usually in support of the left. I am sure that is why the severe ratings drop. Also, years ago when talent competitions aired, the focus was on talent. There were no back stories. Now almost every show has a back story, of whatever nature, that influences the vote over talent. And guess what direction that vote takes?
(Not much worse than pontificating celebrities.)