Letters, Sept. 22: ‘How about a whole new council, Calgary?’

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We have all heard the old saying, show me someone who says they don’t lie and I’ll show you a liar. The other day I heard His Purpleness, Mayor Naheed Nenshi, say he never lies. I just about spit out my coffee. Does this man ever tell the truth? He said he was going to hold the line on taxes and we all know what happened, a 7.5% increase this year He lied. But some good news: Jeromy Farkas has thrown his hat in the ring for mayor.
(That is definitely not holding the line.)

In these turbulent times, where is Greta? I’m sure she could solve some of our problems!
(We’re sure she’s working on turning the world’s COVID calamity into her green utopia, damn the price to us all.)

If you are severely handicapped, you should continue to receive AISH payments without disruptions. However, if you are a drug or alcohol addict or a recovering addict or one with mild mental disease, like millions of people have, then you should not receive these payments. Many people have a form of mental disease and deal with it without having to sponge off the government for support. It is about time that the government assess all those who are receiving AISH to see if they truly are severely handicapped. There is far too much fraud out there and as a taxpayer I am tired of paying for those who are far to lazy to find work. If you are a cheat, you shouldn’t be receiving taxpayers’ dollars. If you are not severely handicapped, you shouldn’t receive this AISH payment, period.
(Call us naive but we’d expect governments to continuously monitor whoever’s receiving tax dollars to weed out the inevitable fraudsters. There’s nothing mean about that.)