Letters, Sept. 21: ‘Beginning of the end for this council?’

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The article (Sun, Sept. 18) ‘Tempting Freight,’ with the sub-head,’ Thieves increasingly setting sights on truckloads of cargo,’ highlights a major concern many truckers have expressed about bringing cargo into cities where police forces have been defunded and significantly scaled back. They rightly fear their truckloads of goods may prove easy pickings for thieving hijackers. In fact, some have vowed to not go where they feel they can’t safely deliver their product to market. So, the citizens there will have to contend with shortages, along with a general sense of malaise. The misery index will hit the bell.
(Good thing we don’t live in Minneapolis then. We really don’t see that happening here, where common sense will prevail.)

Just wanted to say that the best news I’ve heard for a very long time is that Jeromy Farkas is going to run for mayor! I think Calgarians are sick to death of the old political ways at every level of government. Time for a big change, new outlook, fresh approach, common sense, down to earth government instead of what we’ve been subjected to lately. Mr Farkas is a breath of fresh air … gives us some hope for our city. I do have to say though that I don’t have much hope for our province and will definitely be voting for WEXIT when the time comes. Super happy about Jeromy, though!
(Up to the people to make change happen. Or not.)

Re: Jeromy Farkas’ Calgary mayoral run guarantees a tough race in 2021. Let’s hope a third horse doesn’t enter the 2021 race, like what happened in October 2010. The city of Calgary can ill-afford another four years of Naheed Nenshi. If you really think about it, what benefits has Mayor Nenshi brought to the city in the last decade, besides debt and higher property taxes? Calgarians need to shake off this albatross, once and for all!
(Umm, food trucks, a library and a tunnel come to mind? And taxes, lots of taxes.)