Letters, Sept. 20: ‘Banff has it all wrong about COVID precautions’

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Reading in the Sunday Sun about the mother in Acadia shocked at her daughter’s class size doubling. I’m not sure where you grew up as children, but it was Haysboro Elementary for me in the ’60s. It was a relatively new community with not a lot of other choices around back then, as school busing wasn’t all that common back then as kids rode their bikes or walked to school. Not like now with parents driving their kids to school. My point is that it was a busy elementary and I can’t remember the single class that didn’t have 25+ kids in every classroom. They was zero noise problem as the teacher would not have allowed any disruptions in her teaching. If you did, detention, extra homework like copying the dictionary word for word or ultimately the school principal for some most serious consequences and a call to your parents. Back then, the parents took it seriously and you were in trouble at home as well. Yes you could spank your kids back then. With 25+ kids in every class, I don’t think any of us ever missed a word in class and most of us grew to be very productive people in life. The other point to be made is why did your daughter have a class with only 15 kids? That, folks, is another reason why our schooling costs are too high. That’s $4,000 in one teacher’s wages per child, assuming $60,000 per year income.
(There’s a huge climate of unrest around education right now.)

Hate it, fight it, stomp your feet and threaten to leave all you like, but you can’t stop the green movement. Face it, the world is going green whether you like it or not, the science may be invalid, the advocates may be ignorant, the economic impact may be calamitous, but it’s happening, and people are moving more and more away from carbon-based energy sources. Obviously the oil and gas industry is not going away any time soon, but all those lost jobs are not coming back, either. In fact, more downsizing is inevitable, so instead of whining and crying about how stupid , and unfair it is, why not divert some of that excess energy into developing and perfecting alternate sources of it. Look around you, more hybrid and electric vehicles, more solar panels everywhere, on homes, trailers, boats, more atomic and nuclear facilities. I mean sure, it’s not perfected yet, it’s more expensive, it’s less reliable, but these are things we should be working on, and supporting, not more pipelines, and refineries. It’s happening, the world is going green and you can’t stop it, time to stop the doom and gloom and accept the reality, the days of $100 barrels, exploration and drilling, and six-figure O&G jobs are over. Get busy livin’, or get busy dyin’.
(Dream away, Robert.)