Letters, Sept. 18: ‘Someone who will actually care about Calgarians’

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With Jeromy Farkas saying that he will run for mayor in the next election, I think that he will make a good mayor, because he is still young and he knows what he is talking about. Some councillors have been on city council for like 17 years. At the last election, people just didn’t know who to vote for, so they voted for the same people. Jeromy will make a good mayor and that’s what Calgary needs.
(Calgary needs to get out of this major-league funk sooner than later.)

I take people as they behave, not as they look, and believe racism needs to be addressed. However there are things I don’t believe help. Our woke prime minister is setting up a Black entrepreneurs fund with hundreds of millions of tax dollars. There are programs for all entrepreneurs already in place, no matter what your background. Now he wants to set up one where whoever applies must meet a colour requirement to qualify? This seems to be a vote buy more than anything. And to the trolls who will jump on this as racist, my Black, brown and Asian friends feel a lot stronger about than I wrote here.
(We can see how it insults other minorities who are not included in the program. A very strange move by the PM.)

We’re very happy that Coun. Jeromy Farkas has decided to run for mayor in 2021, and we’re confident that he’ll be elected, no matter who runs against him. He’s the only member of city council who truly seems to care about the concerns, needs and wishes of Calgarians, especially in these trying times. A vote for Jeromy is a vote for common sense and common decency in municipal government.
(We are long overdue for some fiscal sanity but we’ll have to wait to see who fills out the field.)


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