Letters, Aug. 1: ‘Fight for the Michaels as much as you do for your own skin’

Such a shame this Liberal party doesn’t put forth one tenth the effort to get the two Michaels out of a Chinese jail as they do to keep the “prime minister” and his finance minister out of a Canadian one.
(Funny that. And not funny ha-ha.)

The Calgary Sun editorial board is made up of 14-year-old girls. Your quips in response to letters are unequivocal proof of this fact. Your COVID-19 narrative is dead wrong on all levels. Maybe you girls at the Calgary Sun should get educated. Or maybe you want the world to all be hit with the Mark of the Beast, which the BBC is now pushing as modern, trendy, and of course stylish. All under Bill and Melinda Gates satanic foundation. Do you girls have the ovaries to read this and understand it is a satanic agenda? You might think that it would be hard to keep up this act, where out of one side of their mouth, they call you a conspiracy theorist for thinking that something is even happening, while out of the other side, they tell you that it’s happening and it’s great. The devil (beast) can only come into our lives invited and voluntarily. Will Sun Media reverse their satanic trend or are you Christian and faith based? As you pretend.
(Might wanna lay off the Iron Maiden, man. And calling people girls is insulting to all women.)

Re: Coun. Joe Magliocca. His expense account shows nothing more than finial activity and he needs to be treated like a criminal. To repay the extra expenses and tell the Calgary taxpayers that he is sorry does not cut it. He needs to be terminated as a councillor and forbidden to ever be involved it any city politics. This issue reminds me of our PM. Oh, I’m sorry that I got caught and will not do it again. Does the dishonesty ever end in politics?
(Let’s remember the councillor has not been charged or convicted of any crime. But yes, he should resign immediately or be sent packing in shame.)

I read a report from health services about how the average number of non-COVID deaths is much higher this year than it has been in the last five years and they are baffled by this. People are not dying from COVID but dying because of it. Health care has come to a standstill, with surgeries being cancelled, doctors offices closed, emergency rooms turning away patients because they haven’t been tested for COVID, even when they come in with other problems. We need to take care of the patients, not worry so much about the virus and get people healthy again so people aren’t dying needlessly.
(Our medical professionals are dancing as fast as they can and ‘normal’ health care is slowly returning.)

With new studies suggesting that people over 6-ft. tall are twice as likely to contract the coronavirus, I was initially relieved. Measuring in at 5 ft. 9 in., this sounded like good news,until I thought about my younger and taller brother. Hey bro, apparently you now have to be twice as careful. This pervasive pandemic really does suck!
(City to debate mandatory ducking bylaw for tallest citizens next week.)


Today was such a warm one in Calgary, I thought that I would sit outside and read the Thursday Sun. The first article I saw was about this councillor we have in Ward 2. Obvious questions come to mind, including: why haven’t his constituents tossed him out? Why hasn’t our mayor fired him? And why haven’t the police charged him with theft? So far, all they want of this (man) is an apology and to attend an expense account course. What a joke. The next article was about another politician who makes Maglioccca look like a Boy Scout. You all know who I’m talking about. He is supposed to appear before the ethics committee for the third time in the last few years, to explain his latest behaviour with WE. Nothing will come out of this, of course, but it may be entertaining listening to him bumble his way through it. The third item was letting us know that some Calgary sailor has been reinstated into the Canadian navy. This guy has known ties to neo-Nazi organizations and has publicly stated his hatred for the Canadian military. Now isn’t this just a terrific addition to our armed forces. I feel much better knowing this guy is defending us. The good news? Calgarians are enjoying the third day in a row of beautiful summer weather. Very nice.
(It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world.)

Excellent article, Calgary Sun, by Tom Harris in your paper on July 27 regarding the “econut’s” religious belief of climate change alarmism! There needs to be way more scientific scrutiny of their beliefs and their fear-mongering scare tactics! We need to hear other viewpoints regarding this climate change alarmism and not drink their climate change kook-aid! By the way, how is the wildfire season in B.C. and Alberta doing this year?
(It’s early yet. Fingers crossed on the fire front.)

(Columnist) Victor Davis Hanson is one of the few professors who can see through all this woke Marxist nonsense that has infiltrated and wormed its way into trans-national corporations, U.S. professional sports and the universities. They’re digging their own graves, or, as Lenin once said: “Capitalists are so stupid they will sell us the rope which we will use to hang them.” I know another quote from Lenin, but as Sun Tzu noted in The Art of War. It is wise to know your enemy.
(Constant attacks on democracy and capitalism make you wonder where it’s all going.)

The WE scandal highlights the utter contempt of the Liberal cabal for the average man on the street. They have found a pitchman who sounds like the ideal Canadian but in reality has no life experiences of Joe Sixpack. He was born to wealth, has not really worked a day in his life, does not know what it means to go without, or need to plan on retirement. He has been found unethical twice and maybe a third time. Still, Canadians buy the utterings of this hypocrite. He has no economics, business or life experience and is consumed about global emissions of which we as a country control just 1.6%. Maybe he had to during his pursuit of a UNSCS but now that is gone, he is still willing to throw Alberta under the bus in order to maintain the facade that we can actually have a meaningful effect on global emissions. He even wants us to believe he raised alarm bells about selecting WE, LOL. Canada is not a single entity but a federation of five regions that should be governed accordingly, rather than trying to impose the same mindset on all the regions. Let’s hope the SCOC disagrees that he cannot circumvent Section 92 of the Constitution to override the rights of the provinces. Please throw this elitist out as he only wants to be in position to benefit his friends.
(Canada appears more divided than ever on his watch. Not a good look at all.)

So the prime minister would have us believe that a federal employee woke up one morning, pitched an idea to give hundreds of millions of dollars to students, but they won’t deliver it. There is only one organization in Canada that can deliver it, WE. He also wants us to believe that he is so weak kneed that they bullied him into approving it, even if it meant damaging his reputation. The public service does the bidding of the government, not the other way around. He is lying!
(He’s treading water as fast as he can now.)

So we have a member of council who has been less than honest in submitting expenses. Doesn’t surprise me, but what does is the fact that the party responsible for signing off on the expense claims states that he was incapable of doing the job due to a head injury, but he signed off anyway. Doesn’t anyone think it is time to check all members of council expenses over the same period as they were clearly not scrutinized during that time. And please make sure the person signing off is “of sound mind”, although that may be difficult with this council.
(Hard to believe an incapacitated councillor would be forced to work by his colleagues. Surely we have a highly paid HR department at city hall? But then again …)

I believe you were somewhat hasty in dismissing Rob Matthews questions concerning the comparison of morbidity and mortality of COVID-19 versus that of influenza (“We’re done comparing this to the flu”). While COVID-19 is in many instances (but not all) a more virulent respiratory illness than seasonal influenza caused primarily by the virus Influenza A (and less frequently Influenza B), nevertheless it is estimated that about 8 to 10% of the world’s population (tens to hundreds of millions worldwide) develop influenza every year, with on average 3 to 5 million developing severe illness, resulting in an average of 400,000 to 600,000 deaths from influenza each and every year. These numbers are estimates gleaned from tracking that is carried out in the more sophisticated Western societies, as accurate testing and enumeration worldwide is impossible. The U.S. CDC estimates that about 30 million U.S. citizens develop influenza each year, with mortalities varying from 20,000 to 60,000 depending on the severity of the flu in any given year. These numbers are separate from COVID-19 cases, though in keeping with Mr. Matthews reasoning, one has to be sceptical that in many people who are not tested or those in which tests are inaccurate, some with COVID are being misdiagnosed with influenza and vice versa. The four pandemics in the last 100 years have had numbers as bad as or worse than the present coronavirus pandemic: 1918-19 Spanish flu (50+ million deaths), 1957 Asian flu (more than 2 million deaths), the Hong Kong flu (approx 2 million deaths), and the 2009 H1N1 flu (700,000+ deaths). The overall average mortality from Influenza A is 0.1%, roughly the same as that of COVID-19. To answer Mr. Matthews’ question, there is weekly surveillance of influenza (vs. daily COVID surveillance. COVID-19 is (in some) a severe respiratory illness very much like the 30 or so sub-types of Influenza A, with very similar symptoms varying from mild to severe to catastrophic, and it is perfectly reasonable to compare it with the various strains of influenza. The bottom line is that COVID-19 and influenza are very much the same disease, differing only in the configuration of two separate viruses.
(With all due respect, the world did not shut down because of the flu. But thanks for sharing your knowledge.)

(Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau’s response to the inquiry into the WE debacle is all of what we knew it would be. Deny, deny and deny. Blame everyone else. And my all-time favourite, “I was only doing it for the children.” Last part is paraphrased, in case someone takes umbrage. When will anyone from the Liberals actually be embarrassed enough to actually speak out about his actions? Oh right, never.
(At some point, you’d think the tide would turn within the Liberal party. So far, all hail Dear Leader.)

And I quote Mayor Naheed Nenshi in the Joe Magliocca probe, “At the very worst, this is a pattern of behaviour that I don’t think is befitting of an elected official who should treat every dollar as though it is the dollar of your neighbour, because it is. This is public money and we have to be very careful with it”. Oh boy, that is rich! Nenshi and company must not have any neighbours.
(Just like kids, sometimes politicians say the darndest things, eh?)

Re: Mass mask confusion. City council never ceases to amaze and entertain me. These people couldn’t organize three people to use a two-seat porta-pottie. I’ll start right off by saying that in my opinion this whole mask- wearing decision should be made by the provincial government and not left to cities, towns, and municipalities. The province is responsible for dealing with health care for Alberta. I’m really getting fed up with Premier Jason Kenney — talk, talk, talk, and no action. Just take a look at what he’s done for our oil and gas sector. Nothing! But I digress. With regards to the mask bylaw, here’s a novel concept for council to consider before making a bylaw — don’t make a bylaw you can’t absolutely enforce! Yeah, sure, peace officers will come running from far and wide to fine those breaching this bylaw. What a crock! And Coun. Ward Sutherland, seriously, once you’re seated in a bar or restaurant you can take off your mask? You should stop thinking because you’re not very good at it. Finally, for those people on social media that took Rick Bell’s “hanging” comment literally — you really need help!
(It’s more like a mandatory mask rule to simply encourage more usage.)

I was appalled to hear our premier say that the Alberta doctors only amount to 1% of our population, so basically quit grumbling about cutting their salary. Even after working on the front lines along with others during the pandemic, which is still going on, he still doesn’t get it how important our doctors are. Without doctors, forget about our population existing. Maybe the politicians need to take a big cutback, seeing you don’t need much of an education to be one, compared to 5 to 10 years or more for doctoring. I for one need my doctor to stay in Alberta and probably you and you and you. Mr. Premier, wake up before it’s too late.
(While it’s disconcerting to watch what’s going on, we must remember these are essentially labour ‘talks’ being played out loud and ugly in public.)


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