Kevin Martin: They went for desperately needed help and found a monster

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Their desperation was evident in the 20 victim impact statements read into court at Hoyte’s sentencing hearing, some by the victims themselves, others by Crown prosecutor Rose Greenwood on their behalf.

One victim described being referred to Hoyte for a “mystery disease,” which had defied diagnosis by other physicians.

“I went into the hospital filled with hope,” she said, reading her own statement.

“He would be the one to resolve the mystery.”

But Hoyte had other ideas, the woman said.

“Instead of finding a hero I learned the true meaning of a monster … they prey upon your vulnerability,” she said.

“Monsters depend on your silence.”

She said his guilty plea to 28 counts of sexual assault dating from the 1980s to his 2013 retirement, deprived her of the catharsis of standing before her tormentor and telling her story in court.

“Today I will not be silenced,” she told Justice Jim Eamon.

I am using (my voice) to defeat a monster.”

Another said she hoped Hoyte would find the answers to months of vertigo and headaches and all he was interested in was fondling her breasts.

“I came to you for help, but you abused me,” she said in her statement.

“You added unnecessary pain and stress to my life. I should’ve went home feeling helped and understood. Instead, I was calling the police,” she said.

“You left me feeling broken.”

Another said she was a young widow with a small child to care for when she was sent to Hoyte for what she later concluded was stress-related headaches and vertigo.