‘He’s such a good person’: Flames coach Ward salutes Stars counterpart Bowness

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The National Hockey League coaching fraternity is small.

Everyone knows everyone in some capacity, whether it’s from being on a staff together, coaching against each other, or simply knowing the other guy through a six-degrees-of-separation type of connection.

It’s how Calgary Flames head coach knows Dallas Stars interim head coach Rick Bowness, who has led his team to the Stanley Cup final against the Tampa Bay Lightning, which starts Saturday.

“Once you get to talk to him, he’s such a good person,” said Ward. “Some guys you talk to, it’s just causal conversation, small talk. You get the feeling with Bones when you’re talking to him, he genuinely cares what you’re saying — right from the first time he talks to you. He takes a real interest in you. He’s just such a good person.”

At 65 years old, the Halifax native has been chasing his Stanley Cup dream for the longest out of all NHL coaches and has been a head coach for six teams.


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