Calgary-raised Cale Makar hoping to join family friend as Calder Trophy winner

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“And I remember in Cale’s second year with the Bandits, Bill couldn’t get around that well, and he still came out to Okotoks. He said, ‘I could only last two periods, but I had to see this game.’ Just unreal.

“Since then, he’ll follow him and he’ll call after he sees a game. It’s like, oh my god, Bill Hay is calling to say, ‘He sure played a hell of a game last night!’ It’s totally cool.”

This story could get even cooler Monday.

There are a lot of legendary names engraved on the Calder Memorial Trophy — from all-timers like Orr, Bossy, Lemieux and Leetch to current studs like Ovechkin, Kane and MacKinnon.

For Makar, though, it would be most meaningful to share this honour with the gentleman who won it 60 years ago … and then hustled to his summer job immediately after hearing the news.

“We didn’t even talk about the Calder once this year. Not once. It’s not in Cale’s mindset,” Gary said. “But with Bill and that legacy, you just think, ‘Wow.’

“Just to be nominated, that’s amazing. But that connection to a guy who has been there and done that, ‘special’ is the only word I can think of. And you feel blessed. If it happens, I hope we can actually visit the Hall of Fame at some point to see it.

“I mean, if it happens, who can point to a trophy and say, ‘We know that guy’? ”

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