Bell: Will Trudeau shaft Alberta — again?

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That’s one way of putting it.

“Our country has become polarized in an unprecedented way and Canadian unity is at risk.”

They point to “the alienation currently gripping the West.”

It’s like watching a rerun of a very bad movie.

They tell Trudeau he needs to prove to the West that his government’s “talk of a green recovery is not just code for further punitive actions.”

Methinks the prime minister is not quaking in his loafers.

Sonya Savage, Alberta’s energy minister and a self-described small-town farm girl, is “infuriated” Alberta’s voice is often not heard or outright dismissed or, and this could be worse, patronized.

“We’ve done our part. We’ve contributed willingly,” she says.

Savage watches and waits as the province faces the “uncertainty” created by Trudeau’s Ottawa of “where we stand on their agenda.”

Like many Albertans, she thinks back to her youth and the days of Pierre Trudeau “when we were kicked and punted” and returns to today where getting some of our own money back is a major struggle.

But she says Albertans are fighters.

“It’s in our soul. It’s in our DNA,” says Savage, adding we need to hear good news soon.

Then the question even Sigmund Freud would scratch his head over.

Why do the Trudeau Liberals think the way they do?

“I can’t think like a big-L Liberal. I can’t think like a Liberal,” says Savage.

“It’s hard to understand where they’re coming from. It’s hard to understand why some of them, not all of them but some of them, are so ideologically bent on destroying the oil and gas industry. I just can’t comprehend any of that.

“I think most Albertans probably feel the same way.”

But does it matter what we feel? Does it really matter?

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