Bell: Notley pumped for rematch against Kenney

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“It can’t go back to that. No way,” she says.

Right about this time a guy comes up to the table and politely tells Notley he is “an arch-conservative.”

He says he knows Kenney. He says he recently talked to the premier. The man found fault with the premier in no uncertain terms.

He said Kenney is “crapping the bed.”

He did not actually use the word “crapping.”

Notley digs into her cutlet.

She says Kenney is blaming COVID-19 for his government’s failures when they were failing before the virus slammed us.

She says Kenney’s cut to corporate taxes isn’t bringing jobs, jobs, jobs and the government is scrambling.

She says dollars per student in the schools have been cut.

She says Kenney has to get back to the table with doctors and her government had plans to get the economy back on its feet and not as wed to the fortunes and misfortunes of the oilpatch until the United Conservatives KO’d them.

Even when it comes to Ottawa, she says the only thing Kenney delivers is “headlines and talking points and distractions.”

Notley isn’t done — the cutlet or the conversation.

As for those who say the NDP was bankrupting the province, she is quick to reply.

“I would suggest people look at the last budget I delivered and the first budget Jason Kenney delivered and see someone is bankrupting the province and it ain’t me.”

Right then a second diner gets Notley’s attention.

“We need you back,” he says.

Notley may be frustrated and angry but she’s up for a battle.

“I’m pumped for the fight. I’m super-pumped for the fight because we’ve got to have a fight.”

Will she be there for a rematch with Kenney, expected in 2023?

There is a Yes. A Yes, absolutely.

But why go through this all again?

Notley says she was born and raised in Alberta.

“I can’t live in a place being run like this. I just can’t.”

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