Bell: Nenshi vs Farkas, Calgary mayor on the fence

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Is Nenshi really saying racism is worse in Calgary than in the past or is he saying racist tirades are more in our face because cameras are everywhere?

Back to the election and Farkas sounds like he really wants to bring it on.

Is that the theme from Rocky in the background?

“The people on the bus need to know if the driver is in for the long haul or taking the next exit,” says the councillor, already champing at the bit.

He says whether Nenshi runs or not for another term it is still going to be a referendum on city hall and this tax-and-spend city council’s record.

Calgarians will have no excuse. A win for Nenshi or any other member of council other than Farkas and it’s a vote for some version of more of the same.

Of course, we already see city hall politicians playing to those not paying attention, claiming how they respect the taxpayer and somehow are fiscal conservatives.

“A leopard can’t change its spots and Calgarians are smart enough to know that,” says Farkas.

He has more faith than your scribbler.

The councillor says one complaint he’s been getting is he should have entered the race even earlier. People want to organize pronto.

“These are people hungry for change and they’ve been starved for far too long.”

Farkas is banking on his well-known record fighting the Nenshi-led city hall where others talk a good game until they get to the city council floor where their backbones turn to jelly.

Still, Nenshi is the sitting mayor and sitting mayors do win in this town.

Does Farkas really want to go toe-to-toe with Nenshi?

“The question isn’t whether I’m ready. The question is whether he’s ready.”

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