Bell: Jason Kenney, it’s wakey-wakey time

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Anyway, what also sticks out in the political calculus is, to quote the Angus Reid types, “other parties have increased their support considerably as voters look to alternatives.”

TRANSLATION: Parties more conservative than the United Conservatives are at 11%. Parties not exactly organized and getting next to no attention.

The Alberta party still survives at 9%.

This is all something to watch.

Anyway, once again it’s speak-truth-to-power time.

Albertans put a lot of faith in Kenney.

But, as I’ve said before, the Kenney of the election campaign is largely MIA.

Reports say Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is about to roll out his plans to screw Alberta even more.

Where is Kenney? Is he still playing the diplomat?

Questions folks ask.

Is Kenney really a man of the people? Is he really one of us?

Are Albertans convinced Kenney will deliver for us?

Are they assured he stands for the concerns of working people?

Is the Kenney government’s message actually getting through? What is the message?

A bit of wisdom from the old beer parlours of Winnipeg.

“Choose friends who will back you up in a barroom fight.”

And Alberta is in the fight of our lives.

Most Albertans voted for Kenney. Is no one responsible for overseeing this evaporation of support?

People will forgive a lot and go a long distance with you if they think you are with them, if there is good will and trust.

Is Kenney inspiring confidence?

Is the Kenney government even remotely trying to be likeable and relatable?

We’re not talking about kowtowing or caving on principles. Quite the opposite but politics is retail.

You don’t need a fancy-pants education to figure out what’s important. The school of hard knocks is a much better teacher.

And, by the way, we haven’t even begun to see the protests yet.

It is true. You can break the mirrors.

You can hit the snooze button on the alarm.

But isn’t it easier to just wake up?

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