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Here’s each state’s status in regard to the White House exit strategy for COVID-19

The spread in the states

Using criteria provided by the White House, analysts at are tracking each state’s progress in reducing symptoms and case numbers and conducting testing.

The group of public health and crisis experts includes members from the U.S. Digital Response and Duke University’s Margolis Center for Health Policy and has built the website to track each state’s progress toward stopping the spread of COVID-19. Members of the team have experience working at the White House, Department of Health and Human Services and on the Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the website says.

The group says a downward trajectory of illness reported and of documented cases is critical. So far, not many states have a downward trend, but several are getting close.


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Personality Brady Farkas let go by sports radio station 101.3

Program director and sports personality Brady Farkas is no longer employed at 101.3 The Game.

Farkas, who has worked at the local sports radio station since 2016, was let go due to low ratings and a need for change, station general manager Ken Barlow told the Free Press on Friday afternoon.

Farkas’ last day on air was Thursday. In addition to his managerial duties, Farkas was also a co-host with Arnie Spanier and Rich Haskell on “The Huddle,” the area’s afternoon drive-time sports talk show from 3-6 p.m. daily.

“We decided the station needed a bit of a different direction. It’s still going to be a sports station,” said Barlow, also the co-owner of 101.3 along with six other local stations under the VOX AM/FM group...

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Fauci optimistic COVID-19 vaccine will be widely available

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar and Matthew Perrone | The Associated Press

Once a coronavirus vaccine is approved as safe and effective, Americans should have widespread access within a reasonable time, Dr. Anthony Fauci assured lawmakers Friday.

Appearing before a House panel investigating the nation’s response to the pandemic, Fauci expressed “cautious” optimism that a vaccine would be available, particularly by next year.

“I believe, ultimately, over a period of time in 2021, that Americans will be able to get it,” Fauci said, referring to the vaccine.

There will be a priority list for who gets early vaccinations. “I don’t think we will have everybody getting it immediately,” Fauci explained.

But “ultimately, within a reasonable time, the plans allow for any American who ne...

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3 charts explain who is dying as California tallies record coronavirus deaths

We’ve known since early in the pandemic that age is a major risk factor for becoming severely ill or dying from COVID-19. Those disparities are becoming more stark as quarantine fatigue and economic reopening has spurred more infections in younger age groups, but the recent record spike in deaths is still spurred mostly by our elders.

This chart above clearly shows  that some of the younger adult age groups are infected more frequently than children or older adults, who make up a smaller portion of the population, but older adults are still the majority of deaths.

An astounding 8 out of 10 coronavirus deaths have been adults 65 and older, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data...

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Immigration, wildfires, drug cartels: 3 powerhouse new documentaries you need to see

In Netflix’s new documentary series “Immigration Nation,” the filmmakers won unprecedented access to the inner workings of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, showing how ICE agents do their jobs as well as the toll of their work on immigrant and refugee families.

The Ron Howard-directed “Rebuilding Paradise” from National Geographic Documentary Films tracks the devastating impact of the Camp Fire on Paradise, California as its residents struggle to recover over the year that followed that November 2018 wildfire.

“The Last Narc,” a four-part docuseries on Amazon Prime, tells the story of the 1985 murder of DEA Agent Kiki Camarena by the Guadalajara cartel, posing the disturbing question of what the CIA knew and did or did not about that crime.

All three documentaries ...

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Are theme park visitors ready to return this summer?

Relief has turned to grief for theme park operators who anxiously awaited reopening this summer only to find themselves reducing hours, cutting back on weekly operating days and dropping reservation requirements even as they contend with state-mandated attendance caps.

Lower than expected attendance has forced regional theme parks across the United States to reassess their operating plans after reopening following extended coronavirus closures.

Which begs the obvious question: Are visitors ready to return to theme parks this summer?

SEE ALSO: California theme parks reopen — without rides

California theme parks remain closed indefinitely while they await still-unreleased state guidelines for safely reopening amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pent-up demand that theme park operators counte...

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Morning Wrap: Full coverage from Lakers-Clippers thriller; Angels, Dodgers going in different directions; Whicker pays tribute to legendary Mike Gillespie

The Morning Wrap shares the days top five stories from our reporters at the Southern California Newspaper Group … And have everything delivered to you in our daily newsletters

ONE: The Lakers and Clippers opener in Orlando to restart the NBA was what everyone expected, a slugfest that came down to a last second shot, the Clippers’ Paul George missing a game-winning 3-pointer, allowing the Lakers to walk off with a 103-101 victory, writes Kyle Goon.

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کلیپرز و لیکرز زانو زدن در طول سرود ملی

لیکرز و کلیپرز کارکنان پیوست و با هم به زانو زدن در طول سرود ملی قبل از ثبت عملکرد کامپتون Kidz باشگاه قبل از پنج شنبه شب بازی در فلوریدا.

  • لس آنجلس لیکرز و لس آنجلس کلیپرز لباس سیاه و سفید زندگی می کند ماده پیراهن و زانو زدن در طول سرود ملی قبل از NBA بسکتبال بازی شنبه 30 جولای سال 2020 در دریاچه Buena Vista, Fla. (Mike Ehrmann/گتی ایماژ طریق AP, استخر)

  • لس آنجلس لیکرز’ LeBron James دوم از سمت چپ می پوشد سیاه زندگی ماده پیراهن و زانو زده با هم تیمی در طول سرود ملی قبل از NBA بسکتبال بازی برابر لس آنجلس کلیپرز دوشنبه, جولای 30, 2020, در, دریاچه Buena...

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رو بز ؟ یک نسل پنجم, گاو, لبنی است که جعل یک مسیر جدید برای کشاورزی در ورمونت

هاید پارک در 30 آوریل برادران برایان و استیو جونز به فروش می رسد گله خود را از 320 گاو به یک مزرعه بزرگ در شمال ایالت نیویورک مارک اولین بار در 148 سال انبار در Joneslan مزرعه های لبنی رفته بود آرام.

برادران’ great-great-grandfather, تاسیس مزرعه در سال 1872 در هاید پارک بر روی زمین با دیدگاه های پانوراما از کوه های اطراف برادران هنوز هم لذت بردن از.

علاوه بر فروش خود گله Joneses برگزار شد حراج در 18 مه با تاخیر نزدیک به دو ماه با این بیماری همه گیر کو...

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Seimone آگوستوس بزرگ در سه ماهه سوم آسانسور جرقه بیش خورشید

این همه به نظر می رسد به تلنگر برای لس آنجلس اسپارکس.

خود را در پنج نقطه حاصل کار دو تیم منجر به حال تبخیر و تبدیل به پنج نقطه کانکتیکات خورشید مزیت در نیمه راه از طریق سه ماهه سوم پنج شنبه شب. لس آنجلس ظاهر شد و به نشان دادن نشانه هایی از همان خستگی و همه ستاره جلو Nneka Ogwumike تا به حال فقط روی نیمکت نشسته بودند با چهارم ناپاک.

اما پس از آن یکی از جرقه’ offseason خریداری او را نجات داد تیم جدید از سقوط بیش از حد ، Seimone آگوستوس به ثمر رساند نه سوم-چهارم امتیاز به کمک جرقه (2-1) حق کشتی و یک 81-76 برنده شوید...

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